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Orography. Durango occupies an open space on the left bank of the River Ibaizabal. To the South, a small compressed and faulted anticline, with almost vertical layers, has given rise to a ridge that continues towards the East with the summits of Alluitz, Anboto... The Municipality's chief mountains are Mount Pagasarri (838 m) and Mount Neberondo (453 m), situated in a limestone massif with numerous karstic formations.

Hydrography. The River Mañaria, which crosses the municipality from North to South, and Larrinagatxu Brook, empty into the River Ibaizabal as it flows through the municipality.

Boundaries. To the North with the district of lurreta, to the South with those of Izurtza and Mañaria, to the East with Abadiño and to the West with those of Dima, lurreta and Amorebieta-Etxano/Zornotza.

Population. Durango has experienced steady demographic growth from 1940 onwards, when numerous industrial enterprises were set up in the surrounding area. Business expansion tailed off, however, during the 1980s' recession. In the main, the population has been swelled by the arrival of immigrants from the rural areas of Durangaldea and coastal regions of Bizkaia, and particularly from other regions. This explains the youthfulness of Durango's age pyramid. The population of Durango is, according to the October 2009 census, 28,229 inhabitants, of whom 13,878 are male and 14,351 female.

Economic Activity. Durango is a large services town, strategically located in the geography of the Autonomous Community. It has a large industrial sector engaged mainly in smelting and tool manufacture. It's the administrative centre of a region that occupies the middle and upper valley of the River Ibaizabal, where the services sector is very well developed in the areas of trade, public services, transport, banking and insurance.

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